Release: Stephens calls on Darbro to explain Madigan dirty money

Madigan bankrolls Darbro campaign

Stephens calls on Darbro to explain Madigan dirty money

SPRINGFIELD — State Rep. Brad Stephens today called upon his opponent to take a stand on House Speaker Mike Madigan, who is under federal investigation for corruption and who is funding her campaign to the tune of nearly a million dollars.

“Michelle Darbro is bought and paid for with Mike Madigan’s tainted money,” Stephens said. “If she disputes that, then she needs to explain the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Madigan has funneled into her coffers even as he is under investigation by the FBI for his role in a phony  jobs for campaign contributions scheme involving ComEd. Her continued silence on this issue must no longer be ignored and I call upon her to denounce Madigan and his crooked ways.”

In the past year Darbro has received over $1 million tied to Madigan – $297,681 dollars from campaign funds controlled by Mike Madigan, in addition to $745,837 she has willingly accepted from Madigan allies who received much of their money from Madigan himself.

Madigan  is the subject of a federal probe which as has resulted in ComEd paying a $200 million dollar fine for  activities related to Madigan and his cronies who, according to the FBI,  sought and received bogus jobs in exchange for campaign donations and electric bill rate increases approved by Madigan’s majority in the General Assembly.

“Every ComEd ratepayer in this state should be outraged that their hard earned money went to fund the corrupt Madigan organization and that outrage should begin with my opponent Michelle Darbro who accepted Madigan’s dirty money to fund her campaign.”

Stephens said he would work to achieve meaningful campaign reform in Springfield which would end Madigan’s practice of funneling laundered money to buy another vote so he can have his way on legislation.

“I am appalled and shocked that Michelle Darbro continues to stand silent on this egregious breach of public trust. Darbro’s silence on Mike Madigan and his corruption is deafening.”

Stephens also noted that Darbro’s ads which claim she will be a voice for the people of the 20th District are outright lies.

“Darbro is nothing more than a puppet controlled by the Master Marionette string puller Mike Madigan to whom she will be beholden on day one if she is allowed to represent the 20th District. If she is elected the voters of this district will only strengthen the iron-fisted control Mike Madigan lords over this state.”


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