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Rep. Stephens Hosts Inaugural Middle School Essay Contest: Legislative Civic Honorees 2023

Published: September 20, 2023

This fall, State Representative Brad Stephens (R-Rosemont) is hosting his inaugural 20th District Middle School Essay Contest. 20th District fifth through eighth graders are invited to submit essays to be considered for their grade’s 2023 20th District Legislative Civic Honoree. All 2023 Legislative Civic Honorees will be recognized in a later dinner with Rep. Stephens and their families. There, they will receive their certificate and recognition from Rep. Stephens, who will also announce the winners’ names during fall veto session on the floor of the House of Representatives.

“The ideas and input of young students are so valuable to leaders at the local, state, and national levels,” said Rep. Stephens. “I’m glad to host this opportunity to hear from middle schoolers in the 20th District and read their essays on these important topics that shape many of us. Best of luck to all participating! I look forward to honoring the inaugural 2023 Legislative Civic Honorees for the 20th District this fall.”

Applicants can submit essays based on one of the following topics:

  • If you were to introduce a bill, what would it do?
  • Who is an Illinois elected official, past or present, you admire?
  • If you were to build a museum, what would it feature?
  • If you were to build a political party around an issue, how would you organize it?
  • What was a trip to the museum that changed you?
  • If you have visited Springfield or Washington D.C., what was your favorite part?

Essays are due by Friday, November 3rd. Essays can be submitted in the mail to Rep. Stephens’ Chicago district office at 5515 N. East River Rd., Chicago, 60656. They can also be sent to and must contain the subject line: “Rep. Stephens 2023 Legislative Civic Honorees Essay Submission.” With submissions, students must also include their names, addresses, schools, and grades. Only one submission will be accepted per person and each person can only write on one topic.

Rep Stephens


Lifelong resident and supporter of the 20th District, Representative Bradley A. Stephens was sworn in on June 29, 2019.

Stephens concurrently serves as the CEO of one of the most successful municipalities in the nation, Rosemont, Illinois. Prior to becoming mayor, Brad Stephens served the Village of Rosemont as a member of its Board of Trustees for 18 years.